Larry Mantle |

Proposition 19 and the drive to legalize marijuana

Thursday morning on AirTalk, we’ll debate the hottest issue on the November 2nd ballot – should marijuana be legalized in California.  One of the aspects I love about this issue is that it doesn’t break down along partisan or other predictable lines.  People come to their conclusions about marijuana through a variety of different routes.

Some supporters see legalizing pot as a matter of personal freedom, some tout its medicinal properties, others see marijuana prohibition as a waste of resources for a drug that they view as benign.  This just scratches the surface of pro-Proposition 19 arguments.

Opponents argue that, despite the initiative’s ban on sales to children, more kids would end up using grass, as legal marijuana becomes more widely available to adults.  They also claim that more people would be driving while under the influence of marijuana.  Again, there are more concerns about 19 than I have time to list.

Please let me know your strongest argument on either side of this issue.  I’d like to use some of the comments posted here for our debate on Thursday.