Larry Mantle |

The federal deficit panel's report looks unlikely to get out of committee

With Wednesday’s release of the Deficit Commission’s recommendations, AirTalk listeners were able to weigh in on what they thought of the drastic proposals.  There’s plenty for both parties to hate, which seemed to be part of the charge given by President Obama.

However, it’s not clear that members of Congress are concerned enough about the deficit that they’re willing to accept something they think is bad tax or entitlement policy.  That’s seemingly what it will take to balance the budget – members of both parties believing the deficit poses such a serious threat that they’ll swallow what they think are bad choices so that something can be passed.  We’re clearly a long way from that happening.

How concerned are you about the growing deficit?  Given that the economic recovery may take years, how long do you think the federal government should wait before addressing the gap?