Larry Mantle |

The Dodgers' McCourt years may be coming to a close

Tuesday’s ruling in the dispute between Frank and Jamie McCourt apparently puts the team one step closer to being sold.  However, according to AirTalk guest Bill Shaiken of the Los Angeles Times, Frank’s lawyers don’t sound like they’re ready to throw in the towel.

The most likely scenario I’ve heard for settling between the McCourts is Frank using future television rights money to pay off Jamie.  However, her legal team claims she’s as entitled to that future revenue as Frank is.  He couldn’t then use that money to make her whole.

If the McCourts are forced to sell the team and divide the assets, who would you like to see acquire the Dodgers?  The last time the Dodgers were up for sale, there weren’t local buyers standing by to make bids.  According to what I read in the Times and hear on ESPN, there’s much more local interest now.  So who would you most like to see taking on the responsibility for this historic team?