Larry Mantle |

There's no middle ground when it comes to WikiLeaks' Julian Assange

Our listener response is split between those who see Assange as a hero, who’s opening up government and other institutions to the level of transparency they should provide, and those who see him as recklessly damaging America’s ability to conduct foreign policy.

Regardless of your view, the possibility that Assange will be prosecuted for violating the U. S. Espionage Act makes for fascinating legal debate.  Friday morning on AirTalk we heard competing interpretations of the law from professors Scott Silliman of Duke and John Eastman of Chapman.  I have the sense we’re just at the beginning of a very long process.

What do you think about Assange and WikiLeaks?  Is he a journalist who should be provided legal protections for his posting of secret information?  Are his actions going to improve American government?