Larry Mantle |

Many "AirTalk" listeners are seeing red over intersection cameras

Wednesday morning on AirTalk, we plunked down in the middle of the debate over red light cameras.  The city of Los Angeles is considering doing away with them, given the systems high cost and low rate of violator payments. 

However, the LAPD is strongly in favor of the cameras, claiming a significant drop in accidents and fatalities at the monitored intersections.  The department admits the cameras could be better distributed at more dangerous locations, instead of on a council district basis.

What do you think?  Are there too many problems with bogus right turn tickets generated by the cameras?  Do they encourage rear-enders, as drivers slam on the brakes to avoid risking a ticket?  Is the safety benefit, if any, worth the cost?  Is there a way to get the county courts to collect a higher percentage of the fines?  Are the fines too high?