Larry Mantle |

Senator Yee and UC's budget VP duke it out on "AirTalk"

The battle is on over whether the University of California should keep its autonomy under the state’s governmental structure. 

San Francisco-area state senator Leland Yee has a bill that would strip UC of that power to govern itself and give it to the legislature.  Currently, the state budget provides a yearly allocation to UC, but its governance is through its own Board of Regents.

Senator Yee’s argument is that UC hasn’t adequately responded to the state’s fiscal crisis and is continuing to spend excessively on administrator salaries.  He wants the legislature to be able to determine what that compensation should be.

UC’s VP for Budget, Patrick Lenz, joined us to talk about the importance of attracting top talent in a competitive market.  Lenz also explained that much of the salary in these high-profile positions comes from private gifts, not tax dollars.

Who do you think should control spending and tuition for the University of California, the Board of Regents or the state legislature?