Larry Mantle |

Tucson and Gardena High shootings lead some listeners to demand further gun controls

Immediately after the mass shooting in Arizona, we heard from listeners who hoped the tragedy would open the door for passage of more stringent gun controls.  The accidental shooting of two high school students less than two weeks later has intensified that call.

However, few politicians seem ready to respond.  I had assumed much of that had to do with the passion of gun rights advocates, who go hard after candidates who campaign for more controls.  However, there’s apparently more to it than that.

CNN and Gallup polls show a national softening in support for gun control.  In addition, more Americans than in the past reject the idea that gun limits will decrease gun violence.

I’ll be interested in seeing if those change in the wake of the Tucson attack.  They didn’t shift much after the Virginia Tech mass shooting, but this might hit closer to home, given that the victims included a Congress-member, federal judge, and young girl.

Thursday morning on AirTalk, we’ll look at one legislative proposal that follows Tucson – a lower limit on the number of rounds a clip can hold.  Jared Loughner’s clip allowed him to fire 31 times without reloading.  Gun control advocates argue that a legally mandated smaller capacity would’ve enabled Loughner to be stopped before so many people were shot.

Gun rights supporters claim that there is self-defense value in allowing people to buy the larger capacity clips.

What do you think?