Larry Mantle |

Shut up about us being rude!!

Were you surprised to find Los Angeles chosen by Travel and Leisure readers as the rudest city in the U. S.?  I certainly was.  Yes, our traffic congestion can foster bad manners, but, as a rule, I don’t think of us as exemplars of rudeness.

I do think that there are differences between parts of our region.  Generally, in more congested areas, manners can get short shrift.  However, I think that’s the case across the country.

One aspect to consider is how each of us defines rudeness.  Is it only aggressively poor manners, or does aloofness count, as well?  I’ve traveled in parts of the heartland where people might be more private and keep to themselves, but I wouldn’t call that rude. 

Do you think the T & L survey is accurate?  If not, why do you think the magazine’s readers perceive us this way?  Friday morning on AirTalk, we had no caller consensus on this questio