Larry Mantle |

Bicyclists vs. drivers

Tuesday morning on AirTalk, we talked about the new Los Angeles city bike plan that includes major investments in making the town more bike-friendly.  However, we once again received calls and online messages from listeners angry about the riding practices of some cyclists.

It would be great if implementation of the plan helps alleviate friction between drivers and bicyclists, but with so many more people riding it will take a lot of designated bike lanes for that to happen.

It seems to me that we have to bring riders and drivers together to talk about how to fix the problems that each group complains about.  Bicyclists want drivers to recognizing the legal rights that bikes have to share the road, as well as understand the vulnerability riders experience when on the road.  Drivers complain that too many bicyclists run stop signs, ride on sidewalks, and ride side-by-side when not necessary for safety.

Do you have any suggestions for lowering the heat between the two groups?