Larry Mantle |

Made it by that much

It was looking shaky this morning for making our $5,000 challenge from a Southern California Public Radio board member.  We were a long way from the threshold for fulfillment, and it looked like we might miss out for the second time in one morning.  That would’ve been a dubious distinction in KPCC history.

However, in the very last minute before noon, we received a flurry of gifts that put us barely over the top.  I can’t overstate what a huge relief it was to me.

This member drive has been a great success so far.  Listeners like you have allowed us to reach or slightly surpass our hourly goals necessary to balancing the budget.  We’re trying to build a bit of a buffer in case federal support for public broadcasting is eliminated, as the House has already voted to do.

If you’ve given so far, I hope you know how important you are to KPCC.  You are deeply appreciated!