Larry Mantle |

Does "no fly" fly with you?

That was the question I asked AirTalk listeners Monday morning after U. S. jets attacked Libyan military facilities starting over the weekend.  I have to admit I was taken by surprise over the action, as I was enjoying a few days of spring training baseball in Arizona.

My assumption was that passage of the “no fly” zone restrictions by the U. N. Security Council would be used to try to pressure Gadhafi first.  However, my faulty assumption was quickly corrected as I received texts of the first missile strikes while I was kicking back watching the Dodgers play the Diamondbacks.  Though it wasn’t the topic of any spring training conversations I overheard, the military action was certainly on my mind.

To continue Monday morning’s conversation, do you support the U. S. partnership with England and France to halt Gadhafi's advance against the rebels?  Do you think Gadhafi will be removed?  If he isn’t, how long could this last?  If Gadhafi goes, what follows in Libya?