Larry Mantle |

A great April Fools prank commemorates our 26th anniversary

They got me good!  I opened my mouth to introduce Film Week on AirTalk, only to hear my son, Desmond, greeting listeners and running through the movies to be reviewed.  I was stunned.  What a great April Fools prank!  It made my 26th anniversary hosting AirTalk all the more memorable.

After getting off the air, our producers filled me in on the stunt.  Our technical director, Justice Levinthol, came up with the idea and our AirTalk producers flawlessly executed the plan.  My wife Kristen brought Desmond into the studio after school on Thursday and had him tape the opening “billboard.”  They used his first take.  No one let on and the surprise Friday morning was complete.

This is also a wonderful way to lead into a week’s vacation.  I’ll be enjoying the beautiful central coast, accepting an honor from the Society of Professional Journalists Thursday night, then back on the air Monday, April 11th.

Thank you for your kind words and support.  I’m incredibly fortunate to be able to do this work, thanks to you.