Larry Mantle |

The power of distinct voices

Wednesday morning on AirTalk, we spent our second hour looking at the aftermath of the Deepwater Horizon blowout in the Gulf.  Our guests included the former Incident Commander for the BP spill, Admiral Thad Allen, and NPR reporter Eileen Fleming.

However, the accounts that most stood out to me cam from Gulf resident Darla Rooks and Ryan Lambert.  Rooks is a 30-year veteran shrimper and captain of The Cajun Queen.  Lambert owns one of the largest sport fishing outfits in the region, Cajun Fishing Adventures.  Their voices beautifully conveyed the emotion behind their words, and were loaded with a sense of place.

As more of America becomes generic, it’s wonderful to hear regional dialects that give us the sense of where someone comes from.  When you hear a voice like that, you’re immediately transported out of the place where you are and taken to the speaker’s world.  I love it and hope America never loses its diversity of voices.