Larry Mantle |

Will more Dodger fans turn out at the Stadium now that McCourt is sidelined?

Wednesday’s stunning news that Major League Baseball will take over operation of the Dodgers was greeted with joy by longtime fans frustrated by the McCourt regime.  From putting their kids on the payroll in imaginary jobs, to charging the team rent to use their stadium, the McCourts have been perceived by many fans as using the team to enrich themselves rather than investing in the franchise.

Thursday morning on AirTalk, we spoke with Los Angeles Times national baseball writer Bill Shaikin, who’s been out front on this story of the McCourts’ divorce and the Dodgers’ financial problems for some time.

On the field, the team is down to two solid hitters, a decent starting rotation, and shaky bullpen.  There apparently isn’t much minor league talent ready to take the place of aging Dodger infielders.  This looks like a long season, with plenty of uncertainty about the team’s future ability to compete.

With that in mind, the most compelling competition will probably be between Frank McCourt’s and MLB’s lawyers.  Published accounts are that Commissioner Bud Selig wants new ownership, and McCourt seems ready to fight.

If MLB is successful in replacing McCourt, who would be a strong owner for the Dodgers?  Would you like to see former Dodger owner Peter O’Malley involved during the interim period?