Larry Mantle |

Osama bin Laden postmortem photos aren't being officially released

However, one has to wonder whether they will be leaked.  That would allow the government to distance itself from the photos, but quiet the call for release. 

I still wonder what the upside is for letting the photos out, versus the risk of stirring emotions in those unhappy about bin Laden’s killing.  It’s hard for me to imagine that anyone skeptical that bin Laden is dead will be convinced by the death shot.  If OBL was alive, there’s little doubt he’d use the opportunity to thoroughly embarrass President Obama and the U. S.

At KPCC we’d prepared for the possible release of the photos, potentially making them available on our website via a click-through on our homepage. That way no one would be exposed to the images who didn’t want to see them.  Printing the photos in a newspaper creates a greater challenge, as a publication presumably wouldn’t want readers to come across them without warning.