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A no-holds-barred Steve Soboroff

Thursday morning on AirTalk I had the chance to continue our coverage of the Dodgers saga with team vice-chairman, Steve Soboroff.  He’s a familiar figure in Los Angeles from his run for mayor and his leadership of the controversial Playa Vista project.

Soboroff is now Dodger owner Frank McCourt’s right-hand man, having taken the job just a couple of days before Major League Baseball appointed a monitor to oversee the team’s financial operations.  Though most of us would’ve considered that bad timing for our new job, Soboroff seems to be relishing his new underdog role as defender of McCourt.

Our half-hour conversation Thursday was wild, with Soboroff launching a passionate defense of his boss, complete with the charge that MLB is engaging in a sham investigation of the team’s finances.  He went on to describe MLB monitor Tom Schieffer as hobnobbing with players instead of doing the job commissioner Bud Selig assigned him to do.

Soboroff then spent much of the interview arguing that McCourt has “made mistakes” in the past, but has learned from them and will now be the best owner Dodger fans could hope for.  I asked whether what he calls mistakes are more properly described as unethical behavior.  You can listen to the full interview for his response, as I’m not sure how to accurately characterize it.

Thursday afternoon, McCourt issued a statement about the interview.  He acknowledged factual inaccuracies that Soboroff made in characterizing the approval process for extra security at Dodger Stadium, following the killing of Osama bin Laden.  The other mistakes weren’t specified.