Larry Mantle |

Early KPCC General Manager passes away

John Gregory was the General Manager of KPCC back in the 1970s and early 80s, when several important events occurred in the station’s history.  He oversaw the change of 89.3’s call letters from KPCS to KPCC, established 89.3 as one of the first member stations of National Public Radio, and hired a full-time staff of five to qualify for federal funding from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.  Gregory hired me as News Director of KPCC in 1983, after I had briefly worked for a CBS news/talk station in Riverside (where I met our Morning Edition host Steve Julian).  Earlier, I had worked for John as Morning Edition local host, interim News Director, and play-by-play sports announcer. 

Gregory spent all or part of five decades at PCC, and his dynamic teaching style was particularly popular with students.  His tenure at KPCC was more tumultuous, with frequent clashes between Gregory and PCC administration.  He was eventually removed as KPCC General Manager and went back to the classroom for the rest of his career.  It was clear that he loved teaching, given that he continued working as an instructor on a part-time basis for years after his formal retirement.