Larry Mantle |

"sunny" Tim Burton

Last Saturday afternoon I took my wife and son over to LACMA for the huge exhibition of Tim Burton’s work.  Most of the exhibit relates to the creative process leading up to shooting one of his features or short films.  I learned a lot about how Burton’s ideas get translated to visuals and, ultimately, made into a movie.  I’m a big fan of his work, particularly Ed Wood and Edward Scissorhands.  I think Burton’s at his best spotlighting ultimate outsiders.

I’d never met Burton before, so it was a particular pleasure to spend a few minutes interviewing him after touring the exhibition.  Most striking is his warmth.  He seemed friendly, very articulate, and sociable.

Given the macabre tone of many of his movies, you might not expect someone as warm as he is.  Perhaps it balances out some of the directors of “feel good” movies who are on the cranky side.  A person’s art doesn’t always match one’s outward personality.

If you’ve seen the LACMA exhibition, I’d really like to read your review here.  Thanks.