Larry Mantle |

Listeners offer great insights into the nature of monogamy

I had a terrific time Tuesday morning on AirTalk talking about whether it’s harder to be monogamous during this era of social networking, texting, and online relationships.  Our listeners came at the topic from multiple angles and contributed very insightful analysis.  You can listen to the segment and read the comments on the AirTalk page here.

Whenever we take time on AirTalk to talk about sexual topics I get a few listener comments arguing that it’s a waste of airtime.  The comments usual reference important political and societal topics like the economy, Supreme Court cases, and politics.  Those, of course, are all continuous topics of conversation and debate on AirTalk.  However, I consider sexual topics to be every bit as important.

Tuesday, one of the comments on the AirTalk page compared our monogamy segment to something they would’ve seen on the old Montel Williams show.  If so, I’ve got to go back and watch recordings of his shows!  If his audience was as sharp as ours, it must have been a dynamic conversation.