Larry Mantle |

Hitting the road

Kristen, Desmond, and I are taking a week to drive up to Oregon on our family vacation.  You’ll be in the talented hands of David Lazarus while I’m gone.

I haven’t been to Oregon since I was a teenager, but I have great memories of backpacking the Columbia River Gorge.  Given that Desmond enjoys hiking so much, I’m looking forward to showing him a place that I found so beautiful.

While we’re in Portland, we’ll be looking for the historic building that housed my great-grandfather’s bar.  He died many years before I was born, but I have a terrific early-20th century photo of my great-grandfather and his patrons lined up at the bar.  It reminds me of the photo from the opening of Cheers.  We’ll be scouring downtown Portland to see if we can find the building.

From Portland, we’ll come down the coast of Oregon and northern California.  I know the scenery will be gorgeous.

I look forward to talking with you again when I’m back on June 27th.