Larry Mantle |

Rebuilding the Dodgers

My family and I took in the Dodger game last Friday night, along with a surprisingly respectable crowd for a losing team with players better suited to being reserves or minor leaguers.  Fireworks must have been part of the draw.

I was struck by the body language of the players.  Though the players must know they have no chance of competing for a playoff berth, or even a .500 record, they don’t look defeated on the field.  Over the years I’ve seen losing teams going through the motions, but that doesn’t appear to be true for the Dodgers.  It makes it easy to cheer for them.  They may be anemic hitters, but their effort is solid (with the exception of a Juan Uribe wave at a ground ball to third).

The front office is, of course, another thing.  Bankruptcy is just the symptom of much deeper problems besetting the team.  I’m more concerned about the barren minor league system than the team’s finances.  They might be related problems, but there’s a serious shortage of talent that will haunt the team for the foreseeable future.

If you had the Dodgers fall in your lap, what would be your first priority after financial stability?