Larry Mantle |

When aging family members can no longer drive safely, how do we tell them?

That’s one of the questions we asked listeners this morning about aging drivers.  We had a terrific range of comments, including older listeners who described how they’ve adapted their driving habits to deal with the realities of diminished reflexes and vision.

Most of our callers spoke of how they dealt with their parents on this issue.  Several said that their parents were able to make the adjustment to not driving, but we had one particularly poignant call.  It came from a listener who described his mother having to give up driving in her 90s, only to afterward lose her will to live.  This exemplifies how much more driving means than simply providing transportation.  It’s both a practical and symbolic marker of independence.

If you haven’t heard the segment, I encourage you to listen to the podcast.  I really appreciated our listener’s comments.