Larry Mantle |

What is the story behind President Obama's statement supporting same-sex marriage?

Like everyone else, I've been wondering what was behind Vice-President Joe Biden's recently stated support, as well as that of Education Secretary Arne Duncan.  Was it strategically designed to pave the way for the President's public support?  Did Biden make the comment truly off the cuff and thereby pressure Obama into having to move beyond his "evolving" position on gay marriage?

Some may focus strictly on the President's statement, but I hope we learn more about what's behind it.  Some will see this as a true change of position for Obama, others will see it as him as finally speaking out about what he's believed for a long time.  I think it matters, and I'd sure like to know.

Thursday morning on "AirTalk" we'll hear what you think about this.  We'll also look at what, if any, practical difference this could make in federal policies toward same-sex married couples.