Larry Mantle |

The end of an "AirTalk" era

Last Friday, June 1, was a momentous one for us at "AirTalk,"  Here's the message I sent out my colleagues acknowledging the day:

"As we all know, this is the last day at SCPR for our “AirTalk” Senior Producer, Linda Othenin-Girard.  I’ve been dreading writing this email for nearly three months, as there’s no way to properly pay tribute to someone who has been as important in my life as Linda.

Linda walked into my office back in 1992 and asked if I had a job available working on my program.  At the time, I booked all my own guests.  I certainly wasn’t going to turn down the opportunity of having a smart and talented news junky help me with the show.  Neither of us could have imagined that we would work together for the next two decades.

From the beginning, Linda was dedicated to making the show better.  She pushed to improve the quality of our guests, to refine the topics we chose, and to better address the most important issues in our listening area.  Linda’s excellent judgment, calm presence, and tireless work ethic have stayed consistently high all these years.  Her skill as a producer and manager has only increased with time.

Beyond these gifts, Linda has been particularly important to me for her character.  As so many of you know so well, Linda embodies the human ideals of kindness, fairness, honesty, and loyalty.  I look to her as a model of emotional intelligence and have learned more from her than I can recount.

I want everyone in our company to know how much of a difference Linda has made at SCPR, for our show, and in the lives of the people with whom she’s worked.  I will deeply miss our long professional relationship.  My only solace comes from knowing how much she’ll enjoy not having to be to work early every morning.  Linda’s next chapter is sure to be as interesting and rewarding as she is.  I wish her well."