Larry Mantle |

Farewell to a man I admired and enjoyed

I was off the air Monday and Tuesday, as my stepfather Dick Morse passed away early Monday morning at the age of 86. 

He could seemingly do it all -- build a house on his own, undertake rigorous physical challenges, recognize business opportunities for new technologies, and manage people in an effective and considerate way.  I haven't met many people who combined such an advanced mechanical and engineering mind with superb interpersonal skills.

Dick used his wide skill set and varied interests to great effect in his professional, personal, and philanthropic lives.  He was a 40-year executive with Pacific Bell/AT&T, a devoted husband to his late first wife and to my mother during their 28-year marriage, and a leader in the Lions Clubs where he lived throughout California and Nevada.

I miss Dick for his character, his good nature, and, above all else, his company.  I've lost a wonderful friend.