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Featured comment: One reader's take on the SB 1070 ruling

Among the comments that came in while I was in Arizona was this one, sent by a reader supportive of the state's position on illegal immigration, in response to a post about a federal judge's ruling last Wednesday blocking parts of the law from being implemented. Here's an excerpt:

I just finished reading the first 22 pages of the 36 page “Order” at issue. It seems to be a well-balanced and well-reasoned legal opinion. Frankly, I am in support of Arizona's efforts to get serious about enforcement of laws against illegal immigrants. However, I am very disappointed in Arizona law-makers and lawyers for having drafted the law in such a manner that a facial challenge can invalidate certain key aspects of it. It goes to show the incompetence of state government officials and lawyers. Frankly, and if I was a Arizona resident, I'd be furious with the incompetence of the law-makers and lawyers who wrote this law as they did and even tried to amend it later so as to make it “bullet-proof” against the anticipated challenge.

I am also very disappointed with the federal government for not taking a tough initiative about this issue, which, in turn, prompted Arizona to pick up the slack. -- Artooor