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Because it's Friday: Chico's Angels

The 89.3 KPCC website has this slide show and feature on the Latina drag queens known collectively as Chico’s Angels, whose latest comedy "Love Boat Chicas" runs through Sunday at the Cavern Club Theater in Silver Lake, in the basement of the Casita Del Campo restaurant.

Riffing on seventies- and eighties-era TV staples that range from "Charlie's Angels" to the "Love Boat" to Charo (who can forget Charo?) the trio of comic glamour-sleuths attempts to solve yet anther mystery amidst sequins, stilettos, and very, very big hair. The Angels, who also go by Kay Sedia (gotta love that name), Frieda Laye, and Chita Parol, have been performing together for seven years.

Casita Del Campo is at 1920 Hyperion Avenue. Good margaritas there, too.