Multi-American | How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

And in case you missed it: The OGs talk books with Huizar

The nonagenarian video bloggers from Boyle Heights known as the The OGs, Harry and Barbara "Cutie" Cooper, have posted this video of Cutie's meeting yesterday with José Huizar, their City Council representative, and Libros Schmibros owner David Kipen to talk books and library cutbacks.

The OGs, for those who aren't familiar with them, are a long-married (73 years!) Jewish couple who returned two years ago to what they term "the old neighborhood" to live in the Hollenbeck Palms retirement community. Boyle Heights, of course, was the site of the original Canter's and the Breed Street Shul, an immigrant community since the dawn of time, in L.A. years. Which makes Cutie and Harry original gangstas indeed.