Multi-American | How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

Taco nosh!


Photo by Steve Lyon/Flickr (Creative Commons)

An unidentified taco truck on the Westside, January 2009.

The rolling ethnic-hybrid-taco madness that began with Kogi BBQ's Kor-Mex fusion is taking a left turn onto Fairfax. Introducing Takosher, "the chosen taco," which is being billed as L.A.'s first certified Glatt kosher taco truck.

The brainchild of entrepreneurs Lowell Bernstein (not a relative), Chris Martin and Moises Baqueiro, Takosher lists menu items on its website like the Original Brisketaco ("slow-cooked with chili sauce, sauerkraut, raisins, a touch of sweet, and a little spicy kick at the end") and the truly exotic-sounding Original Latketaco ("battered, breaded, deep fried and topped with a sweet and spicy apple jalapeño chutney.") Yikes, in a good way.

No word yet from the owners as to when the blue truck, which sports a heaven-motif paint job, will begin serving, but it should be soon. A post on the Takosher blog two days ago read, "She's wrapped and ready to roll!"