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Quote of the moment: A deported teenager, writing from Bangladesh

A traffic jam in Dhaka, Bangladesh, March 2008
A traffic jam in Dhaka, Bangladesh, March 2008
Photo by joiseyshowaa/Flickr (Creative Commons)

"I do not know the language and I fear going outside because I am different from everyone else. Speaking in English is an easy way to be targeted here. We cannot afford to live in a safer area. I have not left the apartment for 8 months. It simply is too dangerous for me to leave the apartment unless my parents go with me. I cannot attend school due to the language barrier. I do not know anyone in Bangladesh.

"...Mr. President, you are the most powerful man in the world, all I ask from you is to bring me home."

- Saad Nabeel, arrived in the United States at age 3, recently deported at 18

Nabeel was removed to Bangladesh in November, along with his parents, who were trying to obtain green cards. His personal story appeared this week on the social-justice blog Citizen Orange as part of a series of posts written by undocumented students, titled "DREAM Now: Letters to Barack Obama."

The series is put together by supporters of the Development, Relief and Education of Alien Minors Act, or DREAM Act, proposed legislation that would allow a path to legalization for young people who attend college or join the military.