Multi-American | How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

Five great reads this week, in case you missed them

A few stories and essays stood out this week, providing insight on recent news events, such as the tragic migrant slayings near the Texas border in Mexico, or shedding light on the little-known, as did a standout NPR piece on a new book that analyzes the onetime iconic film character Charlie Chan through the lens of the cultural and racial politics of his era. If you haven't read these yet, enjoy.

Investigating The Real Detective Charlie Chan : NPR (NPR)

Hector Tobar: Immigrant slayings in Mexico: Where's the outrage? - (Los Angeles Times)

Why Something So Trivial Can Be So Dangerous - National - The Atlantic (The Atlantic)

Essayist: Before Burning Quran, Know What's In It : NPR (NPR)

People-Smuggling: No safe passage (The Economist)