Multi-American | How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

And in honor of the bicentennial...

The culture blog Remezcla has had a series of "especial bicentenario" (bicentennial special) posts the past week honoring some of the quirkier aspects of Mexican culture, especially those unique terms that I find even funner than Cuban terms, if that is possible.

Today's entry is "Word of the Day: Madre" (and no, in this case, it doesn't mean mother). From the post:

Definitions of MADRE

1. foul smell

2. an intense exclamation of surprise or irritation

3. an expression of approval

4. of or referring to an object

Examples of MADRE

1. Apestas a madre! (You reek!)

2. Que madres estas haciendo? (What the heck are you doing?!)

3. A toda madre! (That’s awesome!)

4. Que son estas madres? (What is all this junk?)

The other word-of-the day entries are funny as well, though I'm best off not saying them if I'm to remain G-rated.