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Quote of the moment: A blogger on the DREAM Act and outsourcing

"It doesn't make sense that in this country we have DREAM Act students now graduating from colleges, some with honors, who not only can't work but must sit on the sidelines and watch workers imported from other countries to do the work they can and should be doing."

- Marisa Treviño, publisher of Latina Lista

From a post today on the Latina Lista blog, titled "Without the DREAM Act, more U.S. jobs will be needlessly foreign outsourced." The post presented a seldom-explored take on the proposed legislation, which would have given a path to legal status to undocumented youths who attend college or join the military. It was derailed yesterday in the U.S. Senate after the defense bill it was attached to failed to win enough votes. Supporters are now pushing for a stand-alone bill.