Multi-American | How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

In the news this morning: A deportation mess, Dobbs vs. The Nation, Angle on Muslims, the Pennsylvania hate beating

How Immigration Reform Got Caught in the Deportation Dragnet - COLORLINES How a young Texan born in Bangladesh wound up deported after a quick trip to Mexico.

Lou Dobbs Denies Knowingly Hiring Contractor Who Used Illegal Workers, Decries Double Standard - ABC News The former CNN anchor who reportedly relied on illegal immigrants to care for his horses and properties said a "smear piece" held him to a double standard.

The Plum Line - AUDIO of Sharron Angle suggesting Sharia Law a threat in America - The Washington Post Angle recorded at a town hall meeting: "They are building mosques all over the place."

Lawrence O'Donnell Lou Dobbs | The Nation | Immigration | Mediaite On the televised debate between Dobbs and The Nation's Isabel McDonald, who reported in the magazine that undocumented immigrants had worked for Dobbs.

Witness says assailants concocted cover-up story after fatal assault of immigrant in Pa. - Los Angeles Times One of the teens charged with a federal hate crime in the fatal beating of an undocumented immigrant told a jury he made plans with friends to develop a cover story over how the victim died.