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Quote of the moment: On the ascent of the Chilean miners

"May God help all of them to get out. The Atacama desert is unforgiving. Some 60 years ago, God saved my own life when my truck rolled over in the proximity of that mine. I barely got to Copiapo, drenched in black gasoil, but uninjured.

"Speaking of the miners, they should get an agent to manage their affairs collectively. They also need a book writer and a movie director. And a good rest. May God bless them!"

- a comment posted by "xxl maroc" on Latina blogger Fausta's Blog

Media offers are reportedly already coming as the trapped miners begin their hopeful ascent after two months underground.

In Los Angeles, where a small Chilean-American community is scattered around town, some people have dropped into the Rincon Chileno restaurant on Melrose to cheer the rescue on in unison. (And so has the media, according to restaurant staff.)