Multi-American | How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

In the news this morning: The man behind the 'Don't vote' ads, a nationwide challenge to birthright citizenship, more

The Last Word - GOP past of leader behind 'Don't Vote' ad - Video of host Lawrence O'Donnell grilling Latinos for Reform leader and longtime GOP political operative Robert De Posada on his 'Don't vote' ads targeting Latinos and his background.

‘Don’t Vote’ Ads Aimed at Latinos Pulled - Wall Street Journal On Univision's decisions not to run the ads, produced by a GOP-affiliated group, which tell Latinos not to vote.

Hispanic media influence grows in election year - The Washington Post Spanish-language networks and publications have taken on a more prominent role this election season, airing debates with major candidates and expanding political coverage.

GOP group challenges outright citizenship birthright - USA Today Republican legislators in 15 states announced a nationwide effort yesterday to change the interpretation of the 14th Amendment, which grants automatic U.S. citizenship to people born in this country.

San Gabriel Mayor Albert Huang resigns - Los Angeles Times Huang, the city's second Asian mayor, announced his resignation yesterday during an emotional news conference. He was arrested last Friday after an altercation with a woman outside a restaurant.