Multi-American | How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

In the news, this afternoon: 'Don't vote' fallout, Juan Williams fired over Muslim remarks, Ozomatli at USC rally, more

Latinos for Reform Head Robert de Posada Defends Controversial 'Don't Vote' Ad - The Note - ABC News The longtime GOP operative said he’s not planning to buy any more airtime, but he'll continue to push the ad, which tells Latinos not to vote, on the Internet. The ad was pulled by Univision.

Republicans Alienate Nevada Latinos With Immigration Ads - It's All Politics - NPR Immigration-related campaign ads appear to be boomeranging in the Silver State, home to a large population of immigrants.

Latino support for marijuana legalization is eroding, poll finds. Is Prop. 19 doomed? - Los Angeles Times A poll shows that 51 percent of Latinos now support the measure, compared to 63 percent in September.

Ozomatli and Jamie Foxx to perform at Obama rally at USC - Los Angeles Times The planned Friday rally aims to counter a perceived lack of enthusiasm among Democratic voters.

NPR fires Juan Williams for Muslim remarks on Fox - The Upshot - Yahoo! News Williams' contract was terminated Wednesday after  the veteran journalist and news analyst made comments about Muslims on Fox's "The O'Reilly Factor."

Document on Opting Out of Immigration Enforcement Program Mysteriously Disappears « The Washington Independent A document listing steps for communities to opt out of the Secure Communities program went missing from a federal immigration website.

Proposed Florida immigration bill would exempt white immigrants - War Room - Salon Per the proposed bill, people would be presumed to be legally in the country if they provide a Canadian passport or a passport from any "visa waiver country."