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From La Casa Blanca to la casa de Piolín

A Los Angeles billboard for the top-rated show, September 2006
A Los Angeles billboard for the top-rated show, September 2006
Photo by David Cohen/Flickr (Creative Commons)

L.A's Univision radio host Eddie "Piolín" Sotelo traveled last year to "La Casa Blanca," Spanish for the White House, to interview President Obama in the Oval Office; today, Obama will visit "la casa de Piolín" for an in-studio interview with Sotelo during his visit to Los Angeles.

Scheduled to air Monday, it will be Obama's third interview with nationally syndicated host of the immensely popular Spanish-language morning show "Piolín por la Mañana." The first took place when he was campaigning for office in 2007 (and during which Obama sang "Mi Mexico Lindo y Querido," below).

This interview will cover the upcoming elections, immigration reform (for which Sotelo has been an influential advocate, rallying listeners to march in 2006) and "other themes of interest to the Hispanic community in the United States," the show's website reads.

“This historic interview, in-studio, will give the President a direct line of communication to our listeners to address issues important to the Hispanic community," Sotelo said in a Univision news release.

Sotelo is asking fans to submit questions via e-mail or via the show's chat forum. "¿Qué le preguntarías a Obama?" his website reads. "What would you ask Obama?"

It should be interesting. The interview will air on Univision radio stations around the country.

Now, a musical clip from the 2007 interview: