Multi-American | How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

In the news this morning: The midterms approach with immigration politics, the Sanchez-Tran race, GOP Latinos, more

Immigration and the Midterm Elections - Council on Foreign Relations A backgrounder on the relationship between immigration and politics as the election nears.

Tran Counts on Big Vietnamese Turnout in CA-47 - Real Clear Politics "The Viets come out," said Van Tran, Loretta Sanchez' Republican opponent for the 47th District congressional seat. "Although they're small, they're powerful and potent because they come out in force as a bloc."

The Buzz: Van Tran mailer raises big stink about Loretta Sanchez - Fresno Bee ¡Que peste! Tran's campaign has also been sending out malodorous scratch-and-sniff mailers in opposition to Sanchez.

The Plum Line: Sharron Angle ad shows Mexican border -- after she insisted her ads weren't about Latinos - The Washington Post From the story: " features the now-familiar imagery of young swarthy men looking generally menacing."

A Latino surprise - Los Angeles Times The Republicans have plucked three top-tier Latinos who are likely to make history on election day.

Report: Harry Reid aide Diana Tejada lied to FBI, ICE agents over sham marriage to Lebanese - Los Angeles Times According to details, seven years ago Tejada fraudulently married a Lebanese national to enable him to stay in the United States and avoid military service back home. She admitted to receiving money for doing so.