Multi-American | How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

In the news this morning: It's Election Day (plus the SB 1070 hearings, the power of Spanish-language media, and more)

Arizona immigration law: One part of Arizona measure may be upheld - Los Angeles Times The 9th Circuit Court suggested during a hearing yesterday that Arizona may be allowed to require police to check the immigration status of someone suspected of a crime.

And Now, Vote! - Capital Notes - From KQED's John Myers "'ll all be over in a matter of hours. The election, that is. The really ugly stuff -- the governing -- is next."

Five hours on election night that will reshape Congress - USA Today Details on some of the key races to watch around the country.

Destined for deportation? - The Washington Post A woman who called police for her own protection now finds herself in deportation proceedings.

Moxley Watches The Election - OC Weekly What will happen in the closely-watched Loretta Sanchez-Van Tran race for the 47th Congressional District?

From coast to coast, Latino voters poised to impact 2010 elections - Latina Lista "The epitome of strength of the Latino vote is, of course, turnout. If Latinos don't vote, there's no gain in political influence..."

Immigrants Can Help Create More Jobs - New York Times The authors of a new study argue that the availability of inexpensive immigrant labor here means it's less likely that jobs will be relocated offshore.

Obama Univision Interview Shows Power of Spanish Media - New York Times The appearances of both President Obama and Michelle Obama last week on Univision's “Piolín por la Mañana” morning show in L.A. are a testament to the growing political power of the Spanish language news media.