Multi-American | How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

In the news this morning: The underestimated Latino vote, SB 1070's Russell Pearce to lead AZ senate, more

Did Polls Underestimate Democrats' Latino Vote? - New York Times Yes. From the story: "In Nevada, however, where most polls showed Sharron Angle ahead and Harry Reid instead won by almost 6 points, the polls were pretty far off the mark."

Election: Minorities helped fuel Harry Reid's victory in Nevada - Los Angeles Times More on how a record Latino voter turnout helped the Senate Majority Leader keep his seat.

POLL: Are You Excited About Susana Martinez's Election Win? - Latina At the moment, the majority of those responding to the magazine's evolving online poll regarding New Mexico's new Republican governor elect and Tea Party favorite say they are not.

Latino Voters Save the West for Democrats - COLORLINES In California, Colorado and Nevada, Latino voter turnout helped win key races for Democrats that many expected them to lose.

Immigration hawk Pearce elected president of Arizona Senate - Arizona Capitol Times The state senator behind SB 1070 and anti-birthright citizenship efforts will lead the Arizona Senate next year, after colleagues elected him to the position yesterday.