Multi-American | How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

In the news this morning: Teacher workshops on Islam, Democratic minority voters vs. GOP minority candidates, more

LA Unified teachers take Islam workshop - 89.3 KPCC In weekend classes, teachers learned about Islamic faith, culture, and the Middle East.

Conrad Black: Rubio likely to battle Obama in 2012 - National Post Could the GOP decide to pit a Latino against Obama in 2012?

Latino vote puts Brown in office - Ventura County Star A pollster credits a surge in enthusiasm among Latino voters between Labor Day and Election Day with aiding Jerry Brown’s decisive victory.

Geraldo Rivera: Efforts to Suppress the Latino Vote In 2010 Election Were a Throwback to Jim Crow - Fox News Geraldo speaks out, calls last month's don't-vote campaign from GOP-affiliated group "odious."

Black and Latino voters stick with a shrinking Democratic base - Los Angeles Times The two groups stayed with the Democratic party in large numbers on Tuesday.

The Latino Vote in the 2010 Elections - Pew Research Center In spite of top-of-the-ticket wins for Republican Latino candidates like governor-elect Susana Martinez in New Mexico, Latino voters supported Democratic candidates nationwide.