Multi-American | How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

In the news this morning: Bay Area shooting sentence follow-up, Oklahoma anti-Sharia bill on hold, Texas immigration bills, more

Mehserle protesters await prosecutors' decision - San Francisco Chronicle The 152 protesters were arrested Friday night protest in Oakland while protesting the two-year sentence for a former BART police officer in the killing of Oscar Grant, an unarmed man.

Bills Would Crack Down on Illegal Immigration — The Texas Tribune GOP lawmakers in Texas have already filed a series of immigration-related enforcement bills for the lame duck session.

Ray Suarez: Post Election Day - The Impact of the Latino Vote - Huffington Post What Latino voters did on election day is probably one of the more enduring stories of the 2010 race. One lesson: Latino voters appear to be issue-driven, not simply ethnically driven. A Latino candidate will not guarantee Latino votes.

Oklahoma's Anti-Shariah Law Put On Hold -- For Now - NPR A federal judge on Monday temporarily stopped Oklahoma's new anti-Shariah law from taking effect. The law would change the state constitution to prohibit courts from considering international or Muslim law.

What It Will Take to Win the Latino Vote In 2012 - COLORLINES It is estimated that every year for the next 20 years, another 500,000 U.S.-born Latino youth will reach voting age, making the fight for the Latino vote an intense one.

Libros Schmibros is part library, part used-book seller, totally chill - Los Angeles Times A piece on Boyle Heights bookseller David Kipen, who  likes to joke that he was "the first Jew in decades" to move back into the neighborhood, and sees its present-day Latino residents as the natural successors to the Eastern European Jewish immigrants of a century ago.

First Vietnamese American Bank closes - Los Angeles Times it’s estimated that every year for the next 20 years another 500,000 U.S.-born Latino youth will reach voting age. The fight for the Latino community’s vote will definitely be a vicious one,

First Vietnamese American Bank Closes - OC Weekly Five years after opening, the Orange County bank was shut down by regulators Friday night.