Multi-American | How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

In the news this morning: Another Arizona-style law, a tragic adoption-deportation case, racial obstacles for the GOP, more

Texas Immigration Law Under Proposal Would Resemble Arizona's Hard-Line Approach - Huffington Post A proposed immigration law in Texas closely resembles Arizona's controversial statute.

Zoltan Hajnal: The GOP's Racial Challenge - Wall Street Journal On the party's continuing lack of appeal for minorities, which could present future problems.

Adopted boy at center of immigration dispute - St. Louis Post-Dispatch A Guatemalan woman who lost custody of her baby after she was detained during a poultry-plant raid in 2007 is trying to get her son, now four, back after a couple adopted him. She faces deportation.

San Francisco supervisors call for release of student facing deportation - San Jose Mercury News Chinese-American, Peruvian-raised college student Shing Ma "Steve" Li faces deportation to Peru, while his parents face deportation to China. The family's political asylum bid was rejected.

Remembering Romanillos: The Pride of Dreamworks and Walt Disney - LA Beez A tribute is held for the late Filipino-American animator, who died earlier this year.