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Quote of the moment: The Reid DREAM Act tweet

"I will move the DREAM Act as a standalone bill in the lame duck. It's good for the economy & Pentagon says good for natl security."

- A tweet from @SenatorReid, posted this afternoon

The tweet came from a verified account of the office of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid in Nevada. The advocacy group America's Voice has posted on its website that a Senate vote on the DREAM Act, proposed legislation that would create a path to legal status for undocumented youths who attend college or join the military, is likely to occur after the Thanksgiving break.

A short blurb on the CapitolWirePR site yesterday afternoon noted that during a speech before Latino political leaders yesterday, New York Democratic Rep. Nydia Velasquez announced that House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi had announced a tentative vote date of Nov. 29.

Earlier this year, Reid attached the measure to a defense spending fill that failed to win enough votes in September. Shortly afterward, the Development, Relief and Education of Alien Minors (or DREAM) Act was re-introduced as a stand-alone bill.

The proposed legislation has the support of both the Pentagon and the Obama administration; Politico posted a readout from a meeting yesterday between Obama and three members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, where Obama reiterated his support for comprehensive immigration reform.

Versions of the DREAM Act have come and gone for close to a decade, and speculation is that its chances of making it through Congress are slim. Still, the measure has led to unprecedented activism this year, especially from college students who have participated in rallies, sit-ins and hunger strikes. Today a "die-in" protest was held in downtown Los Angeles, while military hopefuls camped out at Sen. John McCain's office in Washington, D.C.