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Shots, anyone? Latino Dems ponder a Tequila Party

All kinds of Cuervo, October 2008
All kinds of Cuervo, October 2008
Photo by Sheep "R" Us/Flickr (Creative Commons)


Some disgruntled Latino political leaders are "quietly debating whether to sever their traditional Democratic ties and form an independent grass-roots political group," the Las Vegas Sun reports. Its proposed name: the Tequila Party.

From the story:

The idea, born of frustration over the party’s inaction on immigration reform and fears that as a voting bloc they’re a political afterthought, Latino leaders have discussed the idea among themselves locally and in conference calls with colleagues across the country.

The unlikely model for the movement they would like to launch is the Tea Party — not in substance, of course, but in its grass-roots organizational style. Acknowledging the source of their inspiration, Latino leaders have dubbed the proposed movement the “Tequila Party.”

These Hispanic leaders have noticed that while the Tea Party has had spotty electoral success, it has called attention to its concerns and values and put the establishment on notice.

It's still in the talking stages, so whether a Tequila Party will launch remains to be seen. The moniker was used derisively last spring in an editorial in the conservative Washington Times, which used "Tequila Party" to refer to anti-SB 1070 protesters.

In any case, while I'm not sure how I feel about the name, it does conjure up images of lively meetings. Will they serve reposado or añejo, margaritas or shots with Clamato and orange juice chasers? For future Tequila Party organizers, here's a handy list of serving suggestions.