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Blogger El Random Hero and Superman: Something in common?

Clark Kent's secret identity, January 2007
Clark Kent's secret identity, January 2007
Photo by Gareth Simpson/Flickr (Creative Commons)

Zócalo Public Square has posted a bittersweetly humorous essay by L.A. blogger El Random Hero, aka Erick Huerta, who also happens to be undocumented.

Huerta, a 26-year-old journalism student, describes his trip here as he recalls it: "Once, when I was seven, I fell asleep in Michoacan and woke in Boyle Heights. No joke."

I'd never thought of Clark Kent in this way, but Huerta draws the following parallel as he writes about juggling multiple identities of his own:

I guess I should be inspired by Superman, arguably the most accomplished of all “illegal aliens.” Literally, in his case, as he came from another planet as an infant because his parents wanted to give him a better life when his home world was annihilated. He landed on earth and was raised in the Midwest by a loving couple to become a symbol for truth, justice and the American way.

Last time I checked, he was still working at the Daily Planet, getting by under the name of “Clark Kent.” I hope that the e-verify system doesn’t catch up with him someday; where would ICE deport him?

Huerta is a student at East Los Angeles College and posts at His work can also be found at LA Eastside, LA Taco and in Brookyn & Boyle.