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A blow-by-blow of last week's Dream Act strategy

So just what was it that happened with the Dream Act last week? A victory in the House on Wednesday, a Senate move to table the bill on Thursday, and media reports since that have ranged from declaring the bill dead to its having a better chance now than before.

For those still shaking their heads, The Hill has the best blow-by-blow analysis I've seen yet of what is referred to in the piece as a "carefully designed strategy" orchestrated between both chambers of Congress to give the measure its best possible shot. From the piece:

The fast-evolving process required behind-the-scenes scheduling changes; an eleventh-hour hearing; constant lobbying from supporters; and a risky-but-successful show of procedural gymnastics in the Senate — all aimed at lending momentum to the hot-button bill in hopes of enacting it by month's end.

In short, supporters say, the process has infused life into the policy.

The bill would grant conditional legal status to undocumented young people who either attend college or enlist in the military, provided they arrived in the United States before age 16 and have met several strict criteria. A Senate vote on the version approved by the House could take place as early as this week.