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The L.A. Corridos are here at last

Since late September, Los Angeles students in grades 7 through 12 have been composing corridos - some traditional, some not - as part of a contest seeking “The Corrido of L.A.," a song written in the traditional Mexican narrative ballad style that best captures the essence of the city. The contest was a joint project between the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and the University of Southern California, held to commemorate the centennial of the Mexican Revolution.

The entries are in, and celebrity judges Ozomatli are scheduled to perform the winning songs at LACMA tomorrow. A story on the contest yesterday by KPCC's Alex Cohen featured two videos, including the above entry titled "Dreaming of a City" by 8th-grader Lyla Matar.

She also interviewed Ozomatli's bassist Wil-dog Abers along with Josh Kun, director of The Popular Music Project at USC Annenberg's The Norman Lear Center. Ozomatli will be performing "The Corrido of LA" in a free concert from 2 to 4 p.m. Saturday in LACMA's Bing Theater.

Here's a post from last week with some audio and video of a non-traditional, hip-hop flavored corrido from a group of students who have dubbed themselves "Los Geekz."