Multi-American | How immigrants are redefining 'American' in Southern California

In the news this morning: A town that Latinos are leaving, big political shift expected on immigration, the value of Kwanzaa and more

Citing police abuse, Hispanics leaving Conn. town - The Associated Press Racial profiling allegations began about two years ago in East Haven, a predominantly Italian-American suburb 70 miles northeast of New York City. Said one Puerto Rican resident: "We can't tolerate the town anymore."

Immigration overhaul: President Obama's push for reform appears dead - Los Angeles Times With GOP leadership in the House, a return to enforcement-based and border related security measures is predicted.

In Congress, a harder line on illegal immigrants - The Washington Post From the Associated Press story: "In a matter of weeks, Congress will go from trying to help young, illegal immigrants become legal to debating whether children born to parents who are in the country illegally should continue to enjoy automatic U.S. citizenship."

The Value Of Kwanzaa - NPR African-American Studies Professor Keith Mayes of the University of Minnesota reflects on the seven-day cultural holiday, which began yesterday, and how commercialization may cause it to lose its purpose.

Bailan por un sueño - La Opinión In Spanish, an interview with two sisters from El Salvador who worked at Club 907, the downtown L.A. hostess club raided by police in November. One was a 3.8 GPA high school graduate who was planning to work her way through college.